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Blakemore Children's Center

Believe Children Can


Our Infant/Toddler Program serves children ages 6 weeks to 30 months


Our Preschool Program serves children ages 2.5 years to 5 years



Our Approach

Blakemore seeks to create community and collaboration between teachers, children, parents and even the environment. We are committed to implementing a developmentally appropriate, child-driven curriculum. We value diversity and the strength that different perspectives bring. With the opportunity to work and play with children of different ages and abilities, children are given the chance to be both leaders and followers. Within a nurturing environment children are given the opportunity to appreciate each other’s similarities and differences. It is our hope that this will lead to a society without fear, bias and bigotry about the unknown.

What Parents Think

"We are so fortunate that our son was able to attend Blakemore. The teachers genuinely cared about our son’s wellbeing and development. They went above and beyond to inspire creativity through music, art, and dance. My son adored water play days in the summer."

Will's mom

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